Top 3 Reasons Why You Need IAM Experts

by | Sep 1, 2021

Third-party research tells us that more than 50% of first-time IAM projects fail. For 4 out of 5 projects that do get past implementation, executives believe they do not deliver enough value. This is where an IAM expert can help.

There are two types of experts:

General IAM and IT Operations Specialized in Specific Technology
These types of experts understand how IAM tools operate in the real world. They have experience producing project buy-in and can seamlessly integrate into existing IT teams. These experts have multiple years of hands-on experience working with the specific product your organization is implementing.

What Can Go Wrong?

1. Unstable Environment

Organizations with unstable environments may be afraid to even touch their program. Without proper technical skills, requirements can be easily overlooked. Once the implementation is patched together, it can be impossible to unravel to upgrade specific tools and troubleshoot. If an incorrect change is made, drastic consequences could occur (like disabling thousands of user accounts in one fell swoop).

2. Technical Debt

So many IAM implementations fail simply because there is no documentation. Even in cases where the organization has documentation, it may not be comprehensive or useful for technical engineers. Eventually, this creates a technical debt that is impossible to overcome. There are too many nuances in an IAM project to make changes without fully understanding the system.

3. Ineffective Communication

Typically, a full IAM implementation spans multiple projects taking place over a few years. Each new phase adds functionality, and the multi-year approach is common across many IAM roadmaps. In this structure, stakeholders must approve a new budget to continue the project at least every year. If the implementation is not conducted by experts and mistakes occur, it becomes harder and harder to acquire funding at the end of each fiscal year.

How Do Experts Help?

IAM experts don’t just understand the technology. They work with systems, processes and executives every day to deliver a fully functional system that everyone understands. Experts stick to best practices to ensure your IAM implementation isn’t a patchwork. More importantly, they ensure your environment can grow and change with your needs.

The best IAM experts can transfer knowledge to your existing team by providing meticulous documentation, allowing them to manage and troubleshoot long after the implementation is completed.

Finally, IAM experts are trained to get and keep executive buy-in. By explaining the project from the executives’ point of view and keeping a clear line of communication throughout the year, experts can ensure your budget won’t get cut short.


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